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        Respect and understand customers firstly, and provide them with products and services which exceeding their expectations, and treat them friendly, make friends with them forever. This is the service concept which we still uphold and promote.

        Thinking our customers every time. The quality which we mean do not only refer to the intrinsic quality of the products, but also including the packaging quality, service quality and other factors. Must be comprehensively and maximize meet consumers’ demand.

        ◇ should stand on customers’ (or consumers’) position, rather than stand in the position of the company while researching, designing and improving service.

        ◇ improve the service system, strengthen the service of pre-sale, sale, and post sale, to customers in the use of the various products to help solve the problems in a timely fashion, so that customers are extremely convenient.

        ◇ attaches great importance to customer feedback, allows customers to participate in decision-making, consider the views of customer as a key of their satisfaction.

        ◇ to establish a customer-centric mechanism. The establishment of institutions and the changes of the service flows etc. should consider customers’ demand as the center, and establish customer feedback rapid response mechanisms.

        Three Elements of Customers’ Satisfaction:

        Quality satisfaction: that customers are satisfied with the quality of the products.

        Service satisfaction: refers to customers’ positive attitude towards pre-sale, sales, and post

        sales service. No matter how perfect the products, how reasonable prices, when it appeared in the market, we must rely on the service. "Good post sales create a permanent customers."

        Corporate image satisfaction: that of the citizen’ certainly evaluation with enterprises integrated strength and the overall impression.