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    GW4 Disconnect switch

    GW4 Disconnect switch


    Product Overview:

    GW4 series improving type disconnect switch is double column vertical opening 50Hz three phase alternating current outdoor hight-voltage equipment,for hegh-voltage lines interchanging at load-free and also for electrical isolation between high-voltage lines and high-voltage electrical equipment,such as the maintained high-voltage bus-bar and circuit breaker.
    It can be divided into ungrounded,single ground and double ground according to whether or not having the earth switch.
    Type of earth switch:I type and II type.The moving stability of the II type is the same as the disconnect switch.

    Main Feature:

    1.Contact finger is made of the new material which with high-strength,high conductivity and high flexibility,Rely on itself elastic force to clamp the contactor,so it avoids the vicious circle which caused by the corrosion of the spring,annealing and febrile,such as the clamping force to reduce,the contact resistance to increase and the cantactor radiation.
    2.Using the fixed soft connection flow between the connector base and connection terminal,and in the both ends of the terminals.
    Using insulating sleeve ,to ensure that the flow of reliable,flexible rotation.
    3.All-sealed bearing,the bearing surface to meet the amount of molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease to emsure a reliable long-term rotation.
    4.When 180 degree transmission,it canceled the complicated transmission box,it is repplaced by the simple and reliable mechnical one,to be sure of reliable action,anti-corrosion ability.

    Main Technical Parameter:

    Product model GW4-40.5


    Rated voltage(kV) 40.5 126
    Rated currentA) 630 1250 1600 2000 630 1250 1600 2000
    Rated frequency Hz 50
    Disconnect Switch Rate peak withstand current kA 50 80 100 100 50 80 100 100
    Rate short-time withstand current kA 20 31.5 40 40 20 31.5 40 40
    Rate short-circuit continuing time S 4
    I type earthing switch Rate peak withstand current kA 25
    Rate short-time withstand current kA 10
    Rate short-circuit continuing time S 4
    II type earthing switch Rate peak withstand current kA 100
    Rate short-time withstand current kA 40
    Rate short-circuit continuing time S 2
    Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage(effective value)kV 110 260
    125 300
    Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50us peak value)kV 185 550
    215 630
    Rated terminal static mechanical load N 1000
    Monopolar weight Kg 125 150 160 180 200 240 300 350
    Mechanical lifetime 3000

    Outline and Install Size