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      Cable cooling-shrinkable heat-shrinkable accessory/accessorles

      Cable cooling-shrinkable heat-shrinkable accessory/accessorles


      Cooling shrinkable lube 1 pcs
      Cooling shrinkable terminal 1 pcs
      Filling gum sealing gum I bag
      Kitting list 1 pc
      Installing instruetion 1 pc
      Certificate 1pc
      Semiconduction tape I box
      Constant-force spring 2 pcs
      Cable cleansing tissue 3bags
      Silicon rubber bar 1bag

      Gauge 1pc
      Tissue paper 1box
      Binding wire 1 volume
      Band-aid 2pcs
      Silicon grease 1bag
      Cable cleaning paper 3 bags
      Ground wire 2 pcs
      PVC adhesive tape 1 volume
      Abrasive bar 2pcs
      Glove 1pair


      1 kV four core termlnal main part material

      1 kV four core middle main part material

      This kind of products contain single core, two core, three core, four core and five core, they are widely apptied to the terminal and  middle connecting in the Iow voltage cable

      Heat-shrinkable insulating bar
      1 Partial patching about the cable outer layer after mechanical damaging, over burning or etching.
      2. Water-proof packing processing about the port of the heat shrinkable cable center coupling cover
      3 Short-circuit processing about the bare conductor throughing the trees, tunnels and ice columns
      Product specifications: 50O0X 5oX 1.0mm;5O0OOX 25X 1.0mm (length x width X height)

      Heat-shrinkable cable patching slice
      Mainly applied to patching the damaged cable outer layer, and it is convenient and reliable