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    ZW8 High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

    ZW8 High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker


    Product Overview:
    ZW8-12 Outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is outdoor distribution equipment with 12kV rated voltage and 50HZ three phase alternating current It is applied to lead current, over current and short circuit current during the breaking-closing electric system It is suit for protecting and controlling in the transformer substation, industrial and mining establishments' distribution system or other rural power grids.

    Main Feature:

    1.Using the silicone rubber post can reduce the switch's weight, make nice appearance and that isn't easy to fall to pieces
    2.Using the technelogy, the vacuum arcing chamber becomes smaller, environment resistance and no maintenance
    3.As the insulating medium in the product is air, that can avoid the risk of oil and air leakage
    4.Can choose to assemble the spring operating mechanism or permanent magnet mechanism
    5.Can compose the recloser with coincidence controller, and also can compose the sectional~zer with segment controller.

    Main Technical Parameter:
    No. Parameter name Unit Date
    1 Rated voltage kV 12
    2 Rated current A 630、1250
    3 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 20、50
    4 Rated operating cycle   Breaking-0.3s-breaking-closing 180S-breaking-closing
    5 Number of rated short circuit breaking current 30
    6 Rated short circuit making current (peak value) kA 50
    7 Rated peak withstand current kA 50
    8 1min Power frequency withstand current(1min) Inter phase/Over the ground kV 42
    Fracture kV 48
    9 Lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak value) kV 75/85
    10 Rated short-time withstand current kA 20
    11 Rated short-circuit continuing time S 4
    12 Breaking time ms 15-50
    13 Closing time ms 25-50
    14 Total breaking time ms <=100
    15 Mechanical lifetime 10000
    16 Rated operating voltage V Direct current 220、Altermating current 220
    17 Clearance between open contacts mm 10-12
    18 Contact connection travel mm 2.5-3.5
    19 Average breaking speed m/s 1.1-1.5
    20 Average closing speed m/s 0.5-0.8
    21 Contact closing speed ms <=2
    22 Different synchronism of three phase's closing-breaking ms <=1
    23 Each phase galvanic circle reaistance μΩ <=150
    24 Moving/fixing contact permitting abrasion thickness mm 3
    25 Phase spacing mm 175±2
    26 The distance between conductive part to ground mm >=160
    27 Isolating distance break mm >=200
    28 knife contact closing-position skew mm <=2
    29 Manuat breaking-closing operating Torque N.m <=150
    30 Weight kg 150

    Outline and Install Size: