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    Main features

    Main features


    Principal characteristic:

    Silicone rubber composite insulator as the porcelain insulator’s replacement product, can improve sewage Lightning pressure, reduce the line operation and maintenance workload and blackout time to a bare minimum, improve power supply reliability, and its main features as following:

    1. Tolerance performance to be outstanding.The sewage Lightning pressure is two to three times of porcelain insulator’s. So this product is particularly applicable in the polluted area.

    2. Without cleaning maintenance. Silicon rubber material unique to the migration of water-repellent, making the insulator still with excellent insulator hydrophobic and high pollution lightning pressure after polluting, particularly applicable to the lines where the operation and maintenance are so difficult.

    3. Need no to check zero value.

    4. The weight is light.It is just 1/7-1/10 of the porcelain insulation substring, it is very convenient to transport and install. Therefore, it is particularly applicable to the area where the transportation condition is difficult and faulty line‘s fast emergency repair.

    5. The elasticity is good, not brittle. The silicon rubber material still has the good elasticity, even in - 60℃, therefore, this product nearly doesn’t exist the problem of breakage durning transporting and installing.

    Product model signification:


    perfect hydrophobicity performance: